New Hampshire Soccer Association

NH Soccer Association – Trainer Pass

Please note that NH Soccer Association is neither endorsing nor recommending a Trainer

The trainer pass provides the following advantages:

  1. NHSA insurance for registered trainers
  2. Allows a trainer to be eligible to conduct individual or team training sessions
  3. Allows a trainer to join the team’s sideline without being rostered, subject to individual league restriction
    1. Trainer pass must be on person should officials request documentation
  4. Provides information about licensing and verification of licensing when possible
  5. Trainer pass expiration date will run concurrently with the trainer’s risk management expiration date

Apply for a State Trainer Pass –

  1. Complete the form -
  2. Print a copy of the form
  3. Mail to:
    1. Attn: Eric Redder; NH Soccer Association,1600 Candia Rd. Suite 3Manchester, NH 03109
  4. Send a $$$$$ Check made out to New Hampshire Soccer Association

List of Verified Trainers

The trainer pass ensures that trainers who are working with our kids at practices and games are risk management-cleared and that they have insurance, just as our coaches have. The cost of the registration is XXXXX for two years.