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NH Soccer Association
Coaching Schools


NHSA is an authorized agent to host and conduct coaching courses for US Soccer Federation (USSF) and National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA).  NHSA is proud to be working with the leaders of soccer education.  The programs and coaching education provided by USSF and NSCAA allows NHSA the ability to serve all coaches, professional to volunteer, in NH. 

The new coaching certification requirements will go into effect starting in the fall of 2015.  The coaching certification requirements are based the age of the players on the team and the competitive/skill level of the team.  For a further information about the pathways, please go to certification information.


USSF Coaching Curriculum

The USSF coaching courses are the premier coaching certification program in America and serves as the primary coaching education pathway for NHSA soccer coaching certification.  NHSA is authorized to host and conduct the foundational courses, USSF E and D Licenses.  These courses build to the national level C, B and A USSF Courses.  

The Difference Between a Certificate Course and a License Course
USSF uses two different words to separate the types of coaching courses.  A 'Certificate' course is a course that is a survey style course.  In a survey course, a coaching candidate is required complete various homework assignments and attend all course activities in order to pass the course and receive the appropriate documentation.  A 'License' course is a traditional educational course where the coaching candidate must complete various homework assignments, attend all course activities and pass assessment testing at the end of the course.  

Course Prerequisites 
USSF has mandated that all coaches are to take the USSF Coaching Courses in the correct sequence.  Starting in May of 2015, the USSF F License will become the entry level course for the USSF coaching program and therefore be a prerequisite course for the USSF E License.  The USSF F License is an on-line certification course.  Coaches can register on line for the course and work at their own pace to complete the course.   Total time to watch the webinar videos is approximately 2 hours. 

The USSF E License is a prerequisite for the USSF D License and there is a 6 month waiting period between completing the USSF E License and starting the USSF D License.  It is important that coaches understand that it takes time to move through the USSF coaching curriculum and coaches will need to plan accordingly in order to earn the proper certification in a timely manner.

No Longer Granting Course Waivers
USSF is no longer granting waivers to the higher level courses for any reason.  USSF does not recognize previous playing and coaching experience as valid reasons for skipping coaching courses in the USSF curriculum.   Furthermore, USSF is no longer accepting other coaching organization's coaching certifications as 'equivalency' for USSF coaching licenses.  All coaches MUST begin the coaching curriculum with the entry level course and complete the USSF coaching curriculum in its entirety. 

USSF National F License
The USSF F License is a on-line courses that is the foundation for the USSF coaching curriculum.  The webinar coaching course addresses the needs of the 5-9 year old player.  Coaches can sign up for the course on-line and complete the collection of instruction videos in just over 2 hours.  The USSF F License will become a prerequisite for the E License starting in May of 2015.  To begin the process of taking the USSF F License, click here.

USSF National E License
Starting in May of 2015, the USSF F License will be a prerequisite for the E License.  Coaches will need to complete the webinar coaching certification prior to taking the USSF E License. The National E License is an 18-hour (2 day) long course that targets players between U9 and U12.  The course covers the elementary principles of coaching and prepares the coaching candidates for the National D License.  

The key components of the National E License are
  • Develop the core coaching competencies necessary to effectively teach the 9-12 year old athlete and team.
  • Understand the characteristics and needs of an athlete in the Basic Stage of US Soccer's Long Term Athlete Development Model.
  • Establish a foundation of knowledge and experience in order to proceed through the sequence of coaching development courses.
Cost:  $125 NHSA members and $240 for non-NHSA members
Candidates must be 18 years old or older

USSF National D License
The National D License is the second level in the USSF Coaching Schools and is the highest state administered course.  The course is a 40-hour (4 day) long course that targets players who are in the Intermediate Stage of Long Term Athlete Development model (between U12 and U14).  The focus of the course to improve a coaches ability to positively influence individual players, small groups and teams.  USSF has made significant changes to the curriculum and schedule of the D license.  The course is now divided into two segments (two 2-day parts) that at least 10 weeks apart.  The separation between the course weekends is to allow the coaching candidates time to 'actively practice' the coaching methods introduced during the first weekend of the course.  

Course Key Components
  • Develop the core coaching competencies necessary to effectively teach the 13-14 year old athlete and team.  
  • Understand the characteristics and needs of an athlete in the Intermediate State of the US Soccer's Long Term Athlete Development Model.  
  • Build on the foundation of knowledge and experience in oder to proceed throughout the sequence of coaching development courses.
Coures Prerequisites
  • A coaching candidate must have successfully competed the USSF E License a minimum of 5 months prior to the start of the USSF D License.  
  • Prior to the start of the course, the coaching candidates must have completed the pre-course work.
  • Coaching Candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • Course tuition is $250 (NHSA members, $500 non-NHSA members), which must be paid at the time of registration.

Course Outline
The course has 4 phases that must be successfully completed to achieved to earn the D license or Certificate.
  • Phase 1 - Pre-course Work:  After the coaching candidate registers and pays for the course, they will receive the course materials and a pre-course assignments.  The pre-course assignments must be submitted to the lead course instructor one (1) week prior to the start of the course. 
  • Phase 2 - Instructional Weekend (Part 1):  A 2-day segment when coaching candidates are exposed to a variety of coaching methodology and techniques.  
  • Phase 3 - Active Practice Stage: A minimum of 10 weeks to allow coaching candidates to actively practice the methods and techniques introduced in the course.
  • Phase 4 - Performance Assessment Stage (Part 2):  The final 2-day segment when final topics are reviewed and coaching candidates perform their Coaching Practical for final assessment.
For a complete description of the new USSF D License, click here.

NSCAA Coaching Curriculum

The NSCAA has created a variety of coaching certification programs that serve the needs of volunteer coaches.  The courses begin with on-line webinars and build up to national level course, like the NSCAA National Diploma.  The NSCAA courses are the foundation for the NHSA Travel/Recreational Coaching Certification Pathway.  

NSCAA Level 3 Diploma
The course material covers the roles of the coach, coaching methodology and player development.  The course has classroom and field components and lasts approximately 8 hours.  The Level 3 Diploma is an entry level course.  

NSCAA Level 4 Diploma
The primary focus of the Level 4 Diploma is to assist coaches in their training of technique as it is applied to the game.  The course includes coaches designing lesson plans, participating in practical field work and observing a model session.  The Level 4 Diploma is a 12 hour course.  

NSCAA Level 5 Diploma
The primary focus of the Level 5 Diploma is to assist coaches in their teaching of tactics as applied in small groups.  The course discusses the principles of play and the roles of players.  Coaches spend time designing a lesson plan.  Coaches also see tactics taught in small games and are exposed to a series of different teaching methodologies.   The Level 5 Diploma is a 12 hour course.

NSCAA Level 6 Diploma
The course combines the information learned in the Level 4 and 5 Diplomas and helps the coach apply the information to small and large groups inside of the game.  Coaches conduct practice sessions and are given feedback from the instructional staff.  The Level 6 Diploma is an 18 hour course.

NSCAA High School Diploma
The High School Diploma deals with managerial issues, practice and game strategies specific to coaches of high school aged players.  The curriculum examines the distinctive role coaches play in the development of youth players.

NHSA Coaching Certificate Courses

G Level Certificate (An introductory level course for recreational coaches)
The recreational level license, G Certificate, is a 3-4 hour survey course that is an introduction to youth soccer.  it is designed for parents and coaches in recreational programs.  The course covers basic coaching philosophy and methods of organizing a training session using discovery based methods to teach soccer skills in small-sided game environment.  Coaching candidates must by 12 years of age or older to take the course.  

Cost for the course is $25 for NHSA members and $50 for a non-NHSA member.

Youth Module Certificates
In 1996, US Soccers coaching programs developed a National License that was designed to specifically address the needs and developmental characteristics of players at the U-6 to U-12 ages.  The ideas and methods studied in the National Youth License became the foundation of information for the state level Youth Modules.  NHSA offers two Youth Modules, U6-8 level and the U10-12 level certificate course.

U6-8 Youth Module Certificate (Candidates must be at least 12 years old or older)
Cost:  $45 for NHSA members and $90 non-NHSA members

U10-12 Youth Module Certificate (Candidates must be at least 14 years old or older)
Cost: $55 for NHSA members and $110 non-NHSA members