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National Coaching Directory Effort from Sam Snow
Dear Coach, 
We are looking to build a national directory of US Youth Soccer club coaches.

The goal is to build accurate contacts at the coach level to further the communication of programs, benefits, educational opportunities offered by US Youth Soccer to those who impact the game daily.

The purpose of the national coaching database is to further the communication efforts of US Youth Soccer to those who impact and influence youth soccer on a daily basis, specifically at the grassroots level. This database would receive coaching information as deemed necessary and have the option of receiving US Youth Soccer's Kwik Kicks eNewsletter to further the efforts of the organization's membership benefits.

The US Youth Soccer National Coaching Database is live. To submit your information, please 
click here. This information is not intended to be sold to any third party. To see the US Youth Soccer Privacy Policy, pleaseclick here.

Please pass this message along to coaches in the soccer clubs in your area. Thank you for your contribution in our effort to improve our communication and service to America's youth soccer coaches!

Sam Snow
Director of Coaching Education
US Youth Soccer
(800) 4SOCCER