New Hampshire Soccer Association

NHSA - Partners in Education

New Hampshire Soccer Association (NHSA) wants to encourage all of our coaches to pursue the newly developed U.S. Soccer Federation coaching education pathway. With a complete pathway almost finished from Youth - Pro, the U.S. Soccer Federation coaching education is the preferred pathway for all coaches throughout New Hampshire.  

We have multiple soccer organizations in America; U.S. Soccer Federation, U.S. Youth Soccer and the NSCAA.  New Hampshire has approximately 23,000 members, and coaching education is a huge part of what we are involved in as "we are the office for education, information, and guidance."The process of education can sometimes be confusing to coaches, the chart below aims to help sort through of the coaching education pathway in our country.


  Coaching Education is a journey..... and by offering a 'larger menu' on the local level, we can now reach all level of learners, and provide more options of further their education.  This will clearly benefit NHSA members and non-members.


How will it benefit NHSA members?

Quite simply – it just makes sense. One stop shopping –The ability to go to one site and research a master statewide calendar of all soccer educational courses, licenses and special events in New Hampshire.  

“The better the coaches, the better the players. This approach drives the 'Coaches Education' message, and hopefully will the 7 out of 10 players leaving the game by age 13.  More education coaches can impact on the enjoyment and training of players at the grassroots level. Ideally, this should lead to more longevity in the sport.  More longevity in the sport increases participation in the beautiful game."